Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Gave a Mouse a Cookie

I made another costume for the BurdaStyle Bernina Halloween Contest.  The idea came to me while reading If You Give a Mouse Cookie to W before bedtime and after I'd finished the others, but I couldn't wait until next year to make it.  And honestly there's a slim-to-none chance I'd remember!  So here's E's final costume choice:
If you're a member of BurdaStyle, I would love and very much appreciate your vote.  If you saw my previous post the prizes are AHHHHHHHHHMAZING!!  Here's the link to the contest:

Happy Fall!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

BERNINA Halloween 2011 Contest

BurdaStyle is having a Halloween Contest sponsored by Bernina and one of the prizes is this little beauty I've been drooling over (and saving up for)!
So of course I made the kiddos costumes with a coordinating theme.  I first came up with my son's Colorin' Cowboy after I had quite a bit of faux leather leftover from the upholstered headboard the Hubs and I made a few months ago.  E's costume idea came after that because every Western has a saloon girl and she's just so darn cute in well anything.

I'll post more details and instructions on their costumes later, namely tips on how to sew with satin (I found these after I struggled to put her costume together, twice!).  But for now, head on over to BurdaStyle and check them out.  If you're a member, please vote and/or comment.  If you're not a member, it's free to join and there's ton of creative people on there with endless inspiration and tutorials!

W's costume entry: BERNINA Halloween 2011 Colorin' Cowboy – Sewing Projects | BurdaStyle.com

E's costume entry: BERNINA Halloween 2011 Sassy Saloon Baby – Sewing Projects | BurdaStyle.com

If I actually take E out trick or treating around with her brother she'll probably go as a Triple Grande Nonfat Latte with a long sleeve onesie underneath.  Saloon Baby outfit is cute, but not toasty enough for the Northwest!

E's 2nd option is also entered in the contest: BERNINA Halloween 2011 Triple Grande Nonfat Latte – Sewing Projects | BurdaStyle.com