Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Sew Chaotic!  I'm starting this blog to chit chat about random "homey" type stuff I've experienced/used over the years and our newer adventures in making this house a home with two small kidlets running amok.  Mainly I want to share with anyone that is interested the things we have done or products we've used in our house remodel or in my crafting or baking and why I loved them or "not-so-much'd" them.

That being said, if nothing else I hope you get a good laugh out of our mistakes and blunders.  There's been a lot of them and I know we have a lot more to come!


  1. Two blogs! You must be a stay at home mom now.

    Can you please write one featuring the Josh sized hole in your living room ceiling.

  2. Ha! I love it! I can hardly wait to read about the mishaps ;) Great blog name, btw.