Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sock Sack

One of my very least fav chores is searching through a pile of laundry, matching up, turning right side out and folding together socks.  Especially dozens of baby socks.  So one day I thought of a simple assistant to this problemo: hang a mesh laundry bag (aka lingerie bag) on the hamper and put all of the baby socks in there as they get dirty.  Then I zipped up the bag, threw it in the wash and they all came out clean and grouped together.  No more rogue socks stuck in the washing machine or getting lost in the dryer!  In 2 years I have not lost one sock in the wash!  Now we have lost several on walks or in the grocery store or in the car, but that's pretty much unavoidable since sock-pulling seems to be every baby's favorite pass time.

To make the sock sack just a bit cuter than a plain mesh bag I took about a 3" long piece of ribbon (make yours whatever length it needs to be to hang off your hamper) and folded it in half.

Then I handstitched it onto a medium sized lingerie bag

and slipped it on one of the front pegs of the kids' hamper.

Fill with dirty socks and done!