Thursday, December 22, 2011

Martha Wrap!

I love parchment paper!  I especially love using it to line disposal aluminum pans with it (I'm not a fan of aluminum touching mine or anyone else's food).  And the geniuses at Martha Stewart have come up with this:

It's Martha Wrap!  It's parchment paper lined aluminum foil!  And it folds and shapes so well, way easier than parchment alone.  Just look!

You can get it for around $4.99 at Safeway.  It comes on a roll (obviously) of 40 sq ft.  I should mention that it has a tendency to roll up if you don't fold the edges over well enough.  So if you're lining a cookie sheet, tear off a little extra so it hangs over enough to fold and crimp.  Otherwise it will mess with your cookies!  And that's not awesome.  

I've also seen Reynolds Wrap version that they call Pan Lining Paper, but I don't think they use unbleached parchment like Martha's looks like.  Although I'm not sure if Martha's is unbleached...but it's a brownish color so I'm just guessing.  Either way, awesome stuff and I love it! 

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